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The usual Asatru =/= White Supremecy

There's an article up on a local newspaper here In Phoenix about the downfall of a notorioius white supremicist gang.  I was sadden to see a particular line stating that the group adhered to a neopagan religion called Asatru and Odinism.

I made a brief comment on the article (comment by Lisa) and would urge others to do the same.  Luckily, The New Times is a fantastic paper that actually listens to readers and would likely follow-up.  I wish I had time to write a better response, but alas, my lunch break is just about over.

Article is here:


Heilsa All,

We viked from ECT old school style. We had a ton of great classes that we recorded.

And not to blow my horn but I think I finally got the swing of recording and editing outside of the studio. So we are proud and honored to offer the first of about a half-dozen stellar classes from this year's East Coast Thing. Enjoy the loot. Sorry for getting off-track from the monthly target, it's been (and still is) a rough voyage.

Feel free to send me ideas/folks to interview/concepts/101 stuff as we are always looking for the Next Big Idea to podcast.

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Episode 45 - Military Heathery

This was one of a few classes that we recorded from this year’s East Coast Thing. Cat and Josh Heath talked about the issues involved with being a Heathen in the Military. They discussed what it means from their perspectives as a solider and the wife of one. They talk about their experiences trying to further the Asatru movement while dealing with the bureaucracy within the military and challenges from less then accepting individuals.

Both of them run the Open Halls Project designed to assist military Heathens find community, spirituality and support. Their main cite is on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&gid=266988859160. The registration page is at http://tiny.cc/wkuk4. For more information about the Open Halls Project, they can be directly emailed with any questions at heathenopenhalls@googlemail.com.

Look forward to lots more classes from ECT to make it’s way to your podcatcher.

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We have just finished the loud and larger then life Egil's Saga.

Due to MANY requests, we are rereleasing/remastering/reupping Njal's saga. It is my favorite and I plan on doing it justice. Look for that over the next few weeks.

Wes Thu Hal
David Carron - Ombudsman for the Troth

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Asatru Rising : Change Yourself!

Once again, a new podcast from Steve McNallen and the AFA. The podcast is called Asatru Rising, and this weeks podcast is titled: Change Yourself! You can find the podcast at:


Change Yourself!

What are you doing about your personal evolution? It’s easy to go with the flow, but we change for the better only by conscious effort and a deliberate plan. So what does it matter, really? If our spiritual life is good enough for us personally, isn’t that enough?

Well, not really. Asatru will be what we make it. If we are not evolving - if we are not wise and strong, if we are lot living “lives of worth,” Asatru will be weak. If on the other hand we have developed spiritually, mentally and, yes, physically, Asatru will reflect those things. We owe it to our Gods, our ancestors, our descendants yet to be born…and to ourselves…to be the best that we can be.

This podcast will give you pointers on how to work on your own evolution. Change yourself and you will change thousands!

Asatru Rising

The third podcast from the Asatru Folk Assembly has been posted. Asatru Rising is a weekly podcast hosted by Steve McNallen of the Asatru Folk Assembly. Have at listen at


This weeks podcast is called; Recovering the Soul of Our People

Asatru Rising ; A podcast of the AFA

Figured some folks might be interested in this. Two podcast so far, both hosted by Steven McNallen.

This is the Asatru Folk Assembly’s podcast station, chronicling the joyous rise of native European religion in the modern world.


Regardless of your world view, give a listen. Might be that you've built a wall that need never been built.
I'm offering these bookmarks, free of charge to any Heathen currently serving in the U.S. military. Please check out the link for all the details.


And please feel free to share this with any individual or group that you think may welcome learning about this information. :)
Heilsa All!

East Coast Thing 2010! - Ravencast.podbean.com

For twelve years now the East Coast Asatru Community has been honoured to host an annual gathering. This year Vingolf Fellowship has been hard at work putting all of the nuts and bolts of the event together. Dave and I had the opportunity to talk with Joe Mandato regarding this years East Coast Thing. Registration ends on August 1st so there is still time to join us for some great community building!

go to eastcostthing.org for registration info, list of events and classes, and camp site information!

See you at the Thing!

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Egil’s Saga (Chapters 86 and 87) - Episode 160

"But when Egil sat down, then Thorstein named witnesses to his decision. Then spoke Aunund Sjoni: ‘’Twill be said, Egil, that this judgment which you have given and pronounced is very crooked. And what I have to say is this: hitherto I have done all I could to prevent strife, but henceforth I shall not spare to do what I can to harm Thorstein.’ ‘This I forebode,’ said Egil, ‘that the longer our quarrel lasts, the worse will be the fortune of you and your son. I thought you must have known, Aunund, that I have held mine own before men quite as great as are you and your son. But for Odd and Einar, who have so eagerly thrust themselves into this cause, they have reaped therefrom due honour.’"

~ Egil’s Saga, Chapter 87

Wes Thu Hal
David Carron - Ombudsman for the Troth

Heathenry and homeschooling

Hail! It's been a while since I poked in here, but RL has been busy; however, I am pleased to say that I feel happier and more settled in my faith than ever.

Anyway, my cousin answered Tyr's call a while back. It's great not to be a solitary anymore! Furthermore, she is now pregnant. She and the father have parted ways, partly because of differing faiths, and she has decided to raise the child as a Heathen.

She also wants to homeschool. I don't know if my Google-fu is failing me or what, but...can anyone here suggest any Heathen-friendly homeschooling resources? (I ask this as the child's future English teacher!)

Thanks, and gods be with us all.

New Ravencast Up

Heilsa All!

After our brief hiatus we are very pleased to present this very informative interview with Lothar Tuppan regarding the Rune Guild. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Rune Gild magazine. We learned just how much we didn’t know about the Rune Guild and we’re certain you will too!

For more info on Lothar and the Rune Guild follow the links:

The Rune Guild - http://runegild.org/

Have a look at Lothar’s Blog and listen to his wonderful story “How Fare the Land Wights” - http://edred.net/community/members/14/blog.php

Wes Thu Hal
David Carron - PR Guy for the Troth

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On Hospitality, a follow up

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. Admittedly I was in the middle of being annoyed and trying to remain semi-rational.

The story, as I have pieced together, was such; Niece got conned into driving friend down to see friends boy friend and to "party". Niece first said just she was showing up to "visit". Then called back to say "oh, the kids are coming with". But nothing about the friend or having us baby sit. She was told that we would not be home until after 5pm at the earliest. I happen to be home at 2pm on a fluke. The niece, seeing I was home, expected to dump kids on my and go "party". I put up a fight by being an asshole. They slunk away. Called wife and told her "I am male, I probably stuck my foot in my mouth". Wife calls niece offering her to come back for dinner (with kids). A pleasant dinner was had where apologies from me and niece were exchanged and a proper asking of baby sitting was put forth. A time limit was set (it was a work night). Time came and went and they have gone their merry way.

I would like to think that maybe, just maybe, a lesson has been learned here. But it probably will only be that the niece will not call again like that and that I am an old dog who didn't learn much and will go off grumbling to Odin about the damn kids on my lawn.